Being "Futureless" can be liberating


Futureless Industries is a collection of projects that we want YOU to get involved in. Take your pick...

  • Futureless Radio - a podcast of alternative and experimental, independent and unsigned music from Northern Ireland.
  • Futureless Records - a record label / netlabel / mp3label for alternative and experimental music from Northern Ireland.
  • Futureless Zine - random shite.


12th September 2007: It's been a while. I might try doing the podcast again soon, there's a lot of good stuff out there. I'm hoping I'll have a bunch more free time to do this soon :) In the meantime, check out my new band, duchampions.

6th November 2005: Be informed of updates to the site! Join the mailing list - email
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12th October 2005: the first episode of Futureless Radio goes live! We reckon it's the first music podcast from Northern Ireland...

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